Reality to Virtuality



21.09.18     Introduction and forming groups

28.09.18     Lab

05.10.18     XAOS Collective (VR Specialists of Herzog & de Meuron) and topic presentation with feedback

12.10.18     Table critics and Lab

19.10.18     Lab

26.10.18     Lab (Seminar Week)

02.11.18     Lab

09.11.18     Lab

16.11.18     Critics

23.11.18     Lab

30.11.18     Lab

07.12.18     Final Critics with guests

14.01.19     Delivery

The lecture takes place on Friday afternoon from 12:45 to 16:30 in E65 if not stated otherwise. The presentations are held in the Red Hell.


All lecture material from the course and a selection of tutorials is stored on our course server. The access is possible via:


Mac: afp://sander-server/sander-360

Windows: \\sander-server\sander-360

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